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Meetin IP Law

Ronald J. Meetin, Intellectual Property Attorney

Meetin IP Law is a Silicon Valley patent law practice specializing in patents, trademarks & other intellectual property with technical expertise in electronics, chemistry and physics. Areas of expertise include electronics, inorganic and organic chemistry, medical technology and physical fitness equipment.

Our intellectual property services include:

  • Preparing and prosecuting U.S. patent applications
  • Filing and prosecuting counterpart international patent applications under the Patent Cooperation Treaty
  • Managing prosecution of counterpart patent applications outside the U.S.
  • Performing prior art searches
  • Preparing patent re-examination requests and reissue applications
  • Managing patent portfolios and overseeing in-house patent programs for new and established companies
  • Providing patent advice on new products
  • Assessing patent infringement
  • Preparing opinion letters involving patent validity and alleged patent infringement
  • Preparing and negotiating patent licenses
  • Providing patent litigation support, including technical analysis
  • Preparing and negotiating technology-transfer licenses
  • Preparing and negotiating nondisclosure agreements
  • Providing strategic intellectual property planning
  • Preparing and prosecuting U.S. trademark and service mark applications
  • Providing trademark and service mark advice

Phone: 650-964-9767

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